Vilson Blanco Dauinheimer

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(GMT+1:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

Date: Day 1, Wednesday, 2nd February

Time: 3:15pm to 3:45pm

Name: Vilson Blanco Dauinheimer



Micro-Apps || Micro Front-Ends


When we think about larger applications and larger teams, we can't escape separating our application into modules or packages. If you've ever worked in larger companies, you may have noticed that almost everything is separated into smaller Squads with well-defined roles. The talk intends to demonstrate how we are developing in apps in an uncoupled, organized and very simple way to be reused in different scenarios of the company. Micro-Apps or Micro-FrontEnds in flutter are almost apps that have full functionality or with few external dependencies and reusable, the most common example is the Authentication Module that has only the functions of Login, Logout, Register and password Recover, this Module in question is used by all Projects of the company making that when starting a new project we no longer need to worry about Authentication. Working in this way we were able to increase team productivity by reusing code and applying single responsibility where each module has a specific function, this module can be maintained by a specific and specialized team in a given context such as a Payment Module or a Module of HR. This talk aims to show a more advanced content of Flutter presenting an architecture based on packages and which is widely used in Brazilian companies, presenting a separation in Modules and also the use of Clean Architecture for a better organization of the project.


Technology enthusiast, computer lover and for the possibility of turning ideas into reality. Being able to create, take something out of my mind and make it real is fascinating to me, especially in the mobile world using Flutter! Co-Founder and Organizer of Flutterando the Biggest Flutter Community of Brazil Google For Startups Mentor Flutter Specialist at F-Team