Pooja Bhaumik

Name: Pooja Bhaumik



Diagnostic Tests for Flutter Apps: Debugging Techniques


Maybe the most important thing about development is not writing code, it is probably, efficiently and quickly finding and fixing the code that is causing the expected behaviour of your application. Flutter provides a number of tools and features to help debug applications, and the complete understanding of these tools is crucial for developers working in projects, specially production level apps.

In this talk, I will discuss about the various methods of debugging, such as the Devtools built specially for Flutter and Dart that helps a developer debug memory issues, check diagnostics information, diagnose UI jank performance issues, etc. Other than that, we will also talk about the debugging tools provided by Android Studio and VS Code themselves and other miscellaneous tools or features to debug animations, inspect widgets, etc.

By the end of the talk, the attendees will know how to choose the right tool for the diagnostic tests for their Flutter applications, and hopefully gain speed at fixing issues in their code.


Pooja Bhaumik is a technical mentor at Startup Clinic initiative by Google For Startups, a Google Developer Expert for Flutter, former Senior Engineer at Bounce & CreatorStack and contributing author to Increment by Stripe. When she is not writing code, she either enjoys mentoring folks to help them grow in their development careers or contributes to the tech community through blog posts, public speaking, Youtube videos, and open source contributions. She is also passionate about diversity & inclusion and has co-founded WomenDroid to support personal & professional growth objectives for women developers.