Aditya Thakur

Name: Aditya Thakur



Flutter Lints to rescue


The talk would be on harnessing the power of the flutter_lints package to set some rules when writing code. As of Flutter version 2.3.0-12.0.pre or newer, the latest set of recommended lints are already enabled to use. Although for older projects, would like to take up migration to latest recommended lints. And, for the newer ones talk about some of these rules and how they can be used to advantage.I recently had worked to migrate the Flutter Community plus_plugins from the deprecated pedantic to flutter_lints (Link: and, would like to share my experience based on that.


I am a Developer and Designer with experience in building cross platform applications. I also have a 5000 subscriber YouTube channel where I make videos on Flutter and a 600+ community on Discord. Previously, I have been a speaker at clubs and universities across India and the Flutter Global Summit 2021.