Activities & Prizes

We know it's essential to go the extra mile to keep our attendees interested and engaged as an online conference. We have a host of live activities and contests running throughout the conference.

Prizes and Gifts!

Why should you participate 🤔 ? Well, we hope that they will be fun and that maybe you will learn something new about Flutter while participating. However, we also have some more concrete incentives lined up... Prizes!!!

Here are the prizes that will be awarded throughout the conference for the various activity contests and quiz winners!

  • Dash!
  • Free Flutter in action book
  • Flutter Vikings and Flutter T-Shirt
  • Flutter Stickers
  • BookReader from
  • Cash up to 4000 USD from the @ company
  • Noise cancellation headphone from
  • And many more

Table of content

  1. Draw a Vikings Dash and win a Dash! by Flutter Vikings
  2. "Write a Flutter article" and win a BookReader! by
  3. Google DevLibrary
  4. Reinvent the @rrive mobile app and win up to 4000 USD! by The @ Company
  5. Build Vikings by Stream
  6. Quiz run by Robert Brunhage and win his course for FREE!
  7. Quiz run by Andrea Bizzotto and win his courses!
  8. Social Media Contest (Win T-shirt and Stickers)
Draw a Vikings Dash and win a Dash! by Flutter Vikings

It's simple, use Flutter and draw the Dashes below

FlutterVikings Dash

We will judge based on

  • Code quality
  • Best drawing
  • Added extra features such as animation
  • Scaling properly based on screen sizes
  • We accept only on CodePen or DartPad
  • You must have a valid ticket to be able to submit

Prize: The top two submissions will receive a Dash and the top 10 submission will receive a Flutter or FlutterVikings T-shirt and Flutter stickers

Deadline to submit your artwork is until 7th February

Submit your work here and we will contact you

"Write a Flutter article" and win a BookReader! by

Invertase builds ambitious software which enables companies to succeed. Invertase is mostly an open-source minded company which is focusing on Developer tooling & integration specialists.

In Flutter community, Invertase is well-known because of FlutterFire package which is used by millions of Flutter developers.

This contest is easy! Invertase wants you to use your creativity and do your best to write an article about Flutter, Firebase or any Invertase open-source package such as Melos.

Invertase will judge your work based on:

  • Your topic has not been already published on Invertase blog
  • Your article must be unique and pass for Plagiarism, you should not copy other's work!
  • Your article must be about Flutter, Flutter and Firebase, Melos, any other open-source projects that Invertase is maintaining
  • Your article must at least have 1500 words
  • Your article must have working project, code and sample snippets
  • Your article must be in English
  • Your article must have least grammar or spelling mistakes!
  • Adding screenshots are plus!
  • You must submit your article before 14th February!
  • Your article must be written in Markdown (.md) format
  • You should not publish this article on any other websites expect on

Prize: Authors of the top two articles will receive a BookReader and the top 10 articles will receive Invertase Swag kit. Submit your articles here and win our prizes

Google DevLibrary

Dev Library is collaborating with Flutter Vikings Conference to add some 'execution with the learnings'!

Dev Library is an open-source platform that is built for external developers who have built an open-source project or written a blog using any of the Google Technologies–Angular, Android, Flutter, Firebase, Machine Learning, or Cloud.

With Flutter Vikings, we are presenting a week of Flutter Projects!

During the actual Flutter Vikings Conference (1st to 4th February), we will open the space for Flutter Innovations. Submit your projects or articles built using Flutter on Dev Library .

By the end of the week, best projects will be accepted on the site, and a few will receive special prizes from Google’s Dev Library under the following categories:

  • Most Innovative Project
  • Inspired from Dev Library
  • Best use of Flutter

So, start submitting your Flutter projects NOW! You could also add your suggestions or views. Click here to check the existing Flutter projects.

Reinvent the @rrive mobile app ! by The @ Company

One of our @platform apps in development is nearly complete but needs your help! @rrive is a fully open source Flutter app designed to securely share locations with people you trust. Share locations one-on-one for a specific time period or create an event for several people in your circle and share your locations for that event.

Prize:  Read more here and good luck! It will have 7000 USD cash!

BTW, did you know you can also request a FREE @sign! You can request a custom blue 💙 or purple heart 💜 (or both!) @sign, normally priced at $100! But you will get it for FREE! Click here!

Build Vikings by Stream

Get a chance to win one of two Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones.

Entry is really easy... All you need to do is create a chat application with animated reactions and stickers 😱 Don't be scared, Viking.

Luckily this is a simple task with Stream Chat Flutter and Rive. Stream also made a codelab that walks you through the entire process, step by step. For a chance to enter the giveaway, you have to:

1. Complete the codelab

2. At the last step of the codelab replace the example sticker pack with your stickers Rive animations. You can create your own or use any of the community animations that have an open license.

3. Record a short video of your working chat application with your custom stickers! Tweet @getstream_io, @rive_app, and @FlutterVikings, and also include the #buildvikings hashtag.

Entries will be open until the 7th of February 2022, at 4 pm CET

Winners will be announced on the 9th of February 2022.

Quiz run by Robert Brunhage

Robert is a well-known community member which has done a fantastic job by creating courses and videos on youtube. He will run a quiz on Day 1 (Activity time) online and will give away Free and discounted coupon to his course, Make sure you attend his online quiz!

Prize:  Free and discounted course!

Quiz run by Andrea Bizzotto

Andrea is a well-known community member which has done a fantastic job by creating courses and videos on Youtube and so many amazing articles on his website. He will run a quiz on Day 2 (Activity time) online and will give away Free and discounted coupon to his courses , Make sure you attend his online quiz!

Prize:  Free and discounted course!

Social Media Contests

Take a selfie and tweet it with this to win (Be creative with your selfie's and Tweets)


Take a selfie and post it on Linkedin with this text to win (Be creative with your Linkedin Post)

Prize: For the 5 best social media posts each day: T-shirt and Stickers